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The Legal Forms Resource Page

American LegalNet, Inc.- The California Legal Communities On-Line Resource for Industry Related Products, Services and Information!
California Judicial Council Forms - JCF-Lite, Esq. - California Judicial Council Forms for Windows.
Law Offices of Kenneth W. Kalfin - full-service law firm serving all of  California. Site provides free legal forms.
JCForms® - Court forms software for use with Word® or WordPerfect®  California Judicial Council forms - Civil, Family, Probate, Juvenile, etc. Federal Court forms - Bankrupcty\Federal Civil.For use with Windows 3, 95 & NT / Office 97.
California legal forms - Judicial Council -- Local forms: Worker's Compensation -- Bankruptcy Patent -- Trademark -- Copyright Federal Civil -- INS -- HUD -- IRS -- FTB, Dave Gomberg's California legal forms product for attorneys home page. Lawyers, law students and paralegals. FormMaestro!--thousands of forms from dozens of sources on CD-ROM.
Law Offices of Robert A. Cole- Legal Forms Resource Page
The State Board of Equalization is pleased to provide the following list of frequently requested publications. Most of these documents are in Adobe Acrobat Portable Document Format (PDF). Before viewing these documents you may need to download Adobe Acrobat Reader.
California Estate Planning Forms annotated links to state-authorized forms from Mark J. Welch.
Kinsey Law Offices Forms Collection includes basic agreements, borrowing and credit collection forms, employment forms, buying and selling forms, transfers and assignments, leases and enancies and family related forms.
You can download, view and print California tax forms from this website. The forms on this website are in Adobe's Portable Document Format (PDF). You will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print the tax forms.
This site allows YOU to prepare customized legal documents directly online. Choose any of the documents offered, complete the questions, click the "Submit" button, and the finished document is ready for you to either download to file or print to your printer. Many documents are free. All others are available from $2.50 to $27.75.
General Sources for Law Practice Forms
These documents were first scanned from an old series of files and put on the net in .zip format as text files. This latest version is a simple re-formating to html in order to make it more accessible. No checking has been done as to accuracy, fitness, or validity. Take them for what they are worth - free information for reference purposes.
Legal Forms online and FREE - Accepted all over the U.S.
Here's the Net's Biggest Collection of Legal Forms (we think) split into 2 overlapping categories -- Business and Law Practice. The Business forms deal with things like Real Estate, Corporate, and Employment Matters, Wills, etc., while  the Legal ones focus on Law Practice Management and Litigation Matters. Legal Forms - Legal Forms: Exceptional collection of legal forms for a variety of issues.
Free Legal Forms - Here are some free legal forms for anyone to use. They are divided into categories for ease of use.
Lectric Law Library(TM), Law Practice Forms General law practice and litigation forms, geared for California. In zip format.
Realty LawNet(sm) - Legal Forms For profit and non-profit corporation forms, limited liability and limited partnership forms, name reservation, and ucc forms.
CourtTV Forms and Articles Library Forms and model documents from various law firms.
Online Legal Forms Litigation and transactional forms, from Electronic Legal Source.

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Would You Like Someone Served?

We file small claims lawsuits, serve legal papers and provide a  messenger service for businesses and individuals.

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