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Right to Privacy
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Reclaim Your Right To Privacy

1. Stop using your bank account for sensitive purchases. Use your present account only for routine expenditures and deposits and request your bank manager warn you in advance of any third-party requests for your bank records.

2. Make sensitive purchases with money orders, cashierís checks, cash, or other confidential means. Be sure to keep a receipt of all such purchases for tax purposes.

3. Avoid credit card purchases as much as possible. Pay off your old balances and close unnecessary accounts.

4. Establish an alternate checking or savings account for cashing checks and purchasing money orders, cashierís checks, or travelerís checks.

5. Establish a business checking account using a fictitious name and use it to transact business of a sensitive nature.

6. Limit your use of check writing to routine purchases only.

7. Avoid giving your Social Security number for identification purposes unless required to do so by law.

8. Keep a supply of cash, gold bullion, and/or silver coins at home in a safe place for emergencies or other uses.

9. Open a safe deposit box and place in it some portion of your wealth for safe-keeping. Because safe deposit boxes are not as safe as you may think, insure the contents and keep a record of the contents in a separate place. The ownership of the box should be in the name of a company, corporation, or trust to preserve privacy of the contents and allow immediate access after death.

10. Send money abroad, either in person or by mail, in a discreet manner. Use this money for investments or emergency purposes. Select a country that maintains a strict policy of financial secrecy and has a fairly stable government.

11. Avoid giving financial details and personal information when making investments or opening brokerage accounts. Emphasize non-reportable investments, but keep strict private records of all transactions.

12. When dealing with investment advisors or brokers, insist on signing a contract specifying that all correspondence and conversations will be confidential and that no information will be given out to third parties.

13. Obtain an unlisted phone number. Eliminate your street address from the telephone directory and list only your initials or middle name.

14. Rent a post office box or mail drop to receive all or a portion of your mail.

15. Remove your name from mailing lists. In the U.S.A. write to Direct Mail Marketing Association, 11 W. 42nd St., PO Box 3861, New York, NY 10163-3861, to have your name removed from most mailing lists. To have your name removed from lists sold to credit grantors and marketers, contact the three major credit reporting companies as follows:

Experian PO Box 8030, Layton, UT 84041-8030. Tel. 1-800-682-7654.

Equifax Options Marketing Decisions Systems, PO Box 740123, Atlanta, GA 30374-0123. Tel. 1-800-219-1251.

TransUnion 555 West Adams St., 8th Floor, Chicago, IL 60661. 
Tel. 1-800-851-2674.

16. Check your credit reports from all three major bureaus to make sure
information is accurate. Correct any errors. To find out how to obtain a
copy of your report call: Experian 1-800-682-7654; Equifax 1-800-685-1111; TransUnion 1-800-851-2674.

17. When borrowing, use sources that require the least amount of personal and financial information, executive loans by mail, overdraft accounts, or collateral loans.

18. Apply for a passport to give you flexibility to travel around the world.

19. If you incorporate, consider a Nevada corporation for anonymity and avoid going public if at all possible.

20. Set up a living trust through your attorney to preserve personal and
financial privacy as well as avoid the costs of probate at the time of your

21. Keep a low profile. Take your name off the front of your house and your mailbox. Donít use personalized license plates. Avoid owning extravagant cars or homes.

22. Build hidden safes and secret storage facilities for your valuables. 

23. Hire a tax attorney to maximize the confidentiality of your return.

24. Read the disclosure statements before you sign a credit application. Know how much privacy youíre about to give up.

25. Check your Social Security records periodically to make certain no one else is using your number. Call 1-800-234-5772 to request a form.

26. Use an assumed name in private correspondence. For even greater privacy, establish one or more alternate identities with complete documentation. Keep a set of alternate identity documents (birth certificate, driverís license,  Social Security card) in a safe place in case of emergency. Send sensitive correspondence without a return address.

27. Ask your accountant and attorney to return any non-routine documents in their possession relating to you.

28. Use pay phones for calls that you wish to keep private.

29. Set up trusts and limited partnerships to protect your assets from lawsuits or government seizures.

30. Continue to educate yourself about the system. Know your rights. Read books that will help you get out of debt, protect your assets, improve your credit rating, and become financially independent.

31. Secure the doors and windows of your home against intruders. Consider using an alarm system or counter surveillance equipment for your home, car, and business.

32. KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT! Donít discuss private matters, especially regarding your finances, with casual acquaintances. The same applies even to close relatives and friends unless they have a NEED TO KNOW.

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