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Ticket Defense
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Ticket Defense Information

This is in no way or form promotes speeding or other illegal activities. What is presented is a collection of tips and advice from many sources on what you can do to reduce your chances of getting a ticket in the event that you accidentally stray over the posted speed limit. Every situation is unique and what is written here are general guidelines to follow and may have different results than those experienced by the author or sources. Always consult the advice of an expert in law when the need arises.

All About Speeding: Let's face it, we all exceed the speed limit at one time or another and some of us practice it as a religion....

Speeding Essentials & The Weapons: The best lane to travel in on multi lane highways to reduce your chances of a ticket is the far right lane if traffic allows.....

Avoiding The Ticket: Everyone would like to know just how to prevent from being stopped in the first place and you can do certain things to make yourself less of a target....

I've Been Stopped - What Do I Do Now? Hard as you may try, sometimes you just cannot avoid those flashing blue lights. The only thing you can do now is to remain calm, observant and respectful to the officer walking up to your car.....

What Form of Defense Do I Take? Now you must decide how you want to fight this citation. You have several options available to you.....

The Court Date: When your time finally comes, you will feel completely prepared to fight this battle against professionals....

Sage AdviceAvoid excessive speeding on sparsely traveled highways. There will be no radar cover for you. This applies to both day and night driving.....


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